I would like to dedicate this page to my sponsors, without whose help none of my sporting challenges would be possible.









Le Grand Massif
Le Grand Massif ski area, it's 265kms of slopes, and 5 ski resorts, who offer as many different ambiances: Flaine, Les Carroz, Morillon, Samoëns and Sixt.

From the altitude ski resort to the authentic village, I fell in love with Le Grand Massif ski area.

Nothing is missing : deep powder areas, 3 snowparks, large slopes superbly prepared, long ways down through the pinetrees, and so many different exposures that one can ski following the sun all day long...And all of this, one hour driving from Geneva !


Thank you for your faith and support!
Yamaha supplies me with all of the motorized toys I use to travel the world. Yamaha's engineers design the machines you buy for your leisure, ready equipped with the basics required for competition preparation, placing Yamaha at the top of competition references.

Over the last 40 years Auchan has become a major worldwide distribution group. Auchan has constantly grown since their first supermarket opened in Roubaix in 1961: today present in 12 countries, the group comprises 160,000 collaborators worldwide. Auchan's philosophy is based on entrepreneurial spirit, customer satisfaction and faith in man; this shared philosophy brought us together 3 years ago.

How lucky am I to live in Aquitaine? My biggest dilemma every weekend is deciding whether to go skiing in the Pyrenees or enjoy the coastal waves. Aquitaine enjoys a steadily developing economy along with diversified cultures. Neighboring Spain is another ideal opportunity to change countryside and exchange ideas with new people.

Pyrénées Atlantiques
For me this is the heart of Aquitaine, where sea and mountains meet and cultural diversity reins with the Basque Country and Bearn, and adjacent Spain. I love many places in the world but Aquitaine is my favorite.

Norma Performances - Norma Com
One of the biggest placement agencies in France, Norma Com also has a Communication and Training branch. Their client reference list is far too long for me to mention here.

Baume & Mercier
Everyone knows this brand of watches, whose lasting values have created their image: discretion, elegance and quality. I am very flattered to be among the people they sponsor. Their dedication to sport is less well known, but they are among others, partners with the World Sports Oscars, the most important Sports Oscars of the planet.


This Italian Company is the world leader in protective equipment for motorcyclists: leathers, back protection, knee and elbow pads etc. Having Dainese equipment is a must! It was only logical that they expand to Jet-ski and snowmobile. While I adore executing acrobatic figures on my Jet, I need to know my safety is paramount, so I entrust it to Dainese.

Time spent admiring the most beautiful countryside in the world, bathed in sunshine, helped me realize that the eyes are one of man's biggest sources of satisfaction. In order to preserve my eyes and eyesight as long as possible, I spent a lot of time comparing different sunglasses. Since I also like to be the "star" on café terraces, I really want fashionable glasses. Cébé is the brand for me.


European Leader in Feathers, Pyrénex manufactures feathers for the anoraks we all love so much! It is no wonder Alpinists choose down anoraks. At temperatures of -45°C and speeds of over 135 km per hour you need the crème de la crème, not to be cold. Down is best! Despite the new synthetic fibers, nothing equals down for its warmth, comfort and light weight. I cursed the special suits, supplied by the organizers we were obliged to wear in Raid Harricana. I really missed the comfort of my Pyrénex clothing.


When I entered it, the last thing I expected was to win the Roses des Sables Trophy. I had however made sure I would have every chance by choosing the GR Nissan Patrol. Jeep lovers have known for a long time that it is the king of references as far as reliability, handling, obstacle tackling and comfort are concerned.


I usually spend a couple of weeks every winter skiing and snowboarding. This permits me to keep up my training without seeming to be always doing the same thing. As in all of my sports, I love to have good equipment. I therefore naturally turned to Atomic who equipped me with incredible double tipped skis called Stomps. I feel so confident on them that I find myself trying out new figures whereas I should at my age, be thinking more of living a quiet life and having children!


When looking for parts I discovered that J-Lines had everything I needed. They even have parts I didn't know existed! Added to that they also distribute Mr Motoine Racing parts, renowned for their quality of manufacture and exceptional performance.

Motomagazine's last survey just ranked the shark visors at the first place, leading the other brands.
The French magazine "takes off its hat for the quality of our products.
They are cheaper and have better optical results. That,s the second consecutive survey that honours Shark.
That,s a new reward for our efforts as far as technological. To me, whatever I ride, that's a Shark helmet that protects my head ! RSR Racer for snowmobiling and moto, MXR Mamba for personal watercraft and off-road moto, S400 to drive my scooter. What I appreciate most with a Shark helmet, is that when you wear it, you don't think of it: they're incredibly well balanced, light, and you're totally safe. That's the world best pilots' choice !


The first European group of perfumers.