I have been using a Yamaha Super jet ever since 1992, and given that this model has been improving its performance since 1996, I have no intention of changing. My choice is not very original since the majority of competitors use it with a much greater success rate than any other machine.

My Super jet has been modified, as have all machines designed to face the waves. Leaving aside these modifications it is a healthy and dependable machine to drive, even as a first machine.

These modifications were made to the motor and the turbine, making my machine more powerful and free-flowing and also more responsive in low gear giving me better grip on take-off. I have also had wedges fitted to my Jet, giving me optimum foot and handgrip while executing certain figures.

The most sensitive modification was made by installing valve boxes, which allow me to accelerate more efficiently and smoothly. These valve boxes are a very new concept and are available at Celtic Sport by phone: 00 33 2 99 97 46 30.

My supplier for all the Racing parts on my Jet is Motoine Racing, through J-Lines Distribution www.j-lines.com. They have a very complete catalogue.

My jet. The Tamaha Super-Jet. Click here