I am very happy to be able to pass on to you the valuable lessons which I have learnt about life.

The first step on my rich and diversified career ladder was in the Cosmetic Industry. From there I progressed into the domain of Life Safety.

Subsequently, I joined Plastic Omnium Company, a world leader in the plastic processing industry, to be appointed Manager at the Aquitaine Regional office. This company comprised 10,000 people in 2000 with a turnover of 10 billion French Francs.

For 4 years now, my sponsors have financed and helped me make a living from my sporting endeavors.
I also organize Company seminars during which I introduce people to Jet-skiing.
I also participate in Company or Public Events where I present the following subjects:

- Self-confidence
- Preparing for victory,
- Leadership management,
- How to turn our challenges into success,
- The challenges facing women,
- Winning solo is a team effort,
- Personal development
- etc.

I don't have to tell you that our actions are often motivated by either pleasure or passion, sometimes both.

So please feel free to write to me so we can discuss your future plans.